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Our professional translation services remove the stress and hassle from this vital process

One of our key areas of expertise here at Documents and Visas is translation and certification, and as with our other specialities, whether you wish to take advantage of them for business or personal reasons, you can be assured of the most efficient and professional translation services at the right price.

Translate your documents quickly and with minimal fuss

There are three straightforward steps to having a document translated or legalised by Documents and Visas. Firstly, select the document within our online form that you would like to undergo this process – we accept a wide range of document types, from affidavits and articles of association to medical test results and utility bills.

This is to be followed by the mailing or uploading of a copy or scan of your documents. However, prior to this, you will be asked to specify other details via our online form, such as the language from which the document is to be translated, and the language to which it is to be translated.

We will also ask you to select a country to use, along with your reasons for having the document translated and the desired certification level.

What else do you need to know about our translation service?

It is important to note that only a copy or scan of your original document should be uploaded or mailed to us for translation. The original must be retained for legalisation, as a solicitor will need to verify it before authentication.

Included in our certified translations are the details of the authorised official translator, the date of translation and the original signature of the authorised official translator or translator’s representative. We will also provide the company’s translation and certification accreditation, written confirmation that the translation you receive is an accurate translation of the original document, and contact details for our London translations office.

All of our translations are certified, with the service charge being included within the translation fee. All translations are also charged per document or page up to 250 words, and a 10% discount is applied for any translation exceeding five pages.

It is not mandatory to also take advantage of our authentication service – this is only required if the translated document is to be used outside the UK or legalised. However, notarisation is necessary if some documents are to be used in certain countries.

Don’t trust any other company for translation and certification

With an instant quote also available for related embassy or consulate services, Documents and Visas may be the only company to which you need to turn for the complete professional translation services for your documents.

Simply navigate to our translation and certification section online today to find out more about this important and in-demand service, or call or email us in relation to any other queries.