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What more attractive option could there be for the legalisation of UK documents for overseas?

Terms like ‘legalisation’ and ‘apostille’ can cause some confusion even among those who have been asked to ensure the legalisation of UK documents for use abroad. We therefore thought that here at Documents and Visas, we would outline the information of which you most need to be aware.

If you are attempting to travel to another country and an official has asked you to provide a ‘legalised’ UK document, you will need to investigate UK document legalisation services like the renowned one that we can provide.

What does the process involve?

At its most basic, the legalisation of UK documents is simply about presenting the Legalisation Office with the given document so that they can confirm that the signature, stamp or seal is from a UK official. If it is, they will ‘legalise’ the document by attaching what is known as an apostille – a stamped official certificate – to it.

However, here at Documents and Visas, we can take the stress and hassle out of what may be an arduous or intimidating process, through our complete legalisation service that is available at two levels – our Standard Apostille Service or Premium Apostille Service.

After selecting the desired legalisation type, you will be asked to specify the document that you would like to have legalised, which could be anything from an affidavit, articles of association or bank statement to a religious document, statutory declaration or utility bill.

We provide a highly professional service at an incredibly affordable price

Whether you ask for our Premium or Standard Apostille Service, you can expect a processing time of just one working day, as well as a reasonably priced £30 Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) standard charge or £75 premium charge, plus free Royal Mail First Class delivery to a UK postcode. Yes, that’s right – completely free delivery for such a vital service.

Our Standard Apostille Service is priced at £79 when a one-page document is required and authentication is the chosen certification level, with a processing time of two working days. This rises to £120 for our Premium Apostille Service, for which the processing time for both the certification of a one-page document and legalisation is just one working day.

The aforementioned £120 price includes authentication by a solicitor, which is itself highly cost-effective, given that solicitors on their own can cost £50 or more for each document. With market rates for both apostille services, including agents’ fees, being above £200 from most legalisation companies or agencies like ourselves, you will soon begin to appreciate just how cost-effective an option we are.  

However, prices do greatly differ between services, depending on such factors as the required certification level and the number of pages required, so we would always advise you to consult our website for more specific information on both prices and processing times.

While UK-issued apostille certificates may be accepted in the country to which you are travelling or moving, there are other countries for which your documents may require further legalisation. Also please bear in mind that every document to be certified must be authenticated first by a solicitor in the UK, and that we also offer extra authentication services for different consulates.

Place your trust in Documents and Visas

Select a document to legalise, upload and mail your documents, and then receive your documents back, fully legalised. The legalisation of UK documents is as simple a process as that at Documents and Visas.

Much more important than that, though, is simply the fact that you would struggle to find a more reliable, cost-effective and value-for-money option than us when you are looking to have your documents legalised.

Whatever your most specific requirements with regard to the legalisation of UK documents or all manner of other services including certified document translation and visas and passports, Documents and Visas can be your dependable partners.