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Britons’ most expensive visa destinations revealed

Those using a visa services provider in the UK to speed up their visa applications are clearly not alone, while many of them are also willing to spend a decent amount of money to secure their passage to their desired destinations. This is apparent from new figures listing the most expensive countries for Britons to visit from a visa perspective, as reported by the Daily Express.

China, India and Pakistan prompt plenty of spending from Britons

The report revealed that the period between the fourth quarter of 2015 and the third quarter of 2016 had seen more than 3.2 million Britons apply for visas, spending some £180 million. However, the research from travel insurance provider Columbus Direct indicated that certain destinations were much more expensive than others.

Topping the ranking was China, for which a total expenditure of £62,992,066 was recorded. Some 417,166 UK travel visas were granted for the Asian nation during that period, costing £151 each. India was ranked second, with a total spend of £60 million purely to gain entry into the country.  Next in the list was Pakistan, on which almost £23 million was spent by travelling Britons, representing £44 for each visa.

The most cost-effective country in the ranking, meanwhile, was Turkey. While more than one million Britons visited the European destination, they only spent £16.15 each on a visa.

Holidaymakers urged to take entry costs into account

Columbus Direct Head of Marketing, Alison Wild, commented: “As holidaymakers look to experience cultures further afield, they need to consider the entry requirements for their desired location and factor this into the overall holiday cost.

“It’s worth remembering that travellers need to check the expiry date on their passport too when making a visa application, as some countries like Barbados and Hong Kong require a minimum passport validity of six months for the request to be approved.”

Wild also reminded Britons currently planning their summer holidays to take into account the varying requirements that different destinations have for visa applications. She added that it was important for travellers to research the necessary entry requirements and visa processing times in advance of their journey.

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