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Why people trust DNV For Translation and Legalisation Services?

In this below article, you are going to read all about Translation and Legalisation services. All the important points are given below. So, read it, maybe you can find some interesting and important points, which you are searching since long time.

Are you in search of professional Translation and Legalisation services, which are provided at a very competitive price?  Since translation is not a one-size-fits-all process it is important to be aware that, depending on the requirements of your project, your translation may require additional levels of certification to be fit for purpose.

International embassies, agencies, and other such legal bodies generally require different certifications when dealing with translated materials. In spite of so many international embassies, D&V matches the services provided to the different levels of legal recognition that  
are regularly demanded.

Documents and Visas Limited also provides other services like: UK Passport Renewals , Translation & Legalisations Hotel and Flight booking, meet and greet services under one roof. So get speedy, secure, cost effective services of D&V .

We offer Quality, Accurate and Certified Translation Services across the Globe. D&V’s three main steps are given below:-
?    Select documents to translate or legalise
?    Upload/Mail your documents
?    Get your documents
Fill the form by selecting the translation document, language from/to, country to be used in and the certification level (Standard, authentication or notarisations).   Select the necessary pages and upload your document.
Authentication required by governmental bodies if you are going to use your documents as a legal document

Comes next the legalisation service which is also provided by D&V. It means that your documents will be legalised Order required since embassies will not legalise any DOC unless it has being Apostilled by FCO!!! MUST UNDERSTAND THIS PROCEDURE

Hence,  you have to choose the Legalisation type, whether premium or standard apostilled services after  Better understanding of legalisation format and if you have suggestions or advice we need it too
This process is so simple and hassle free, that one saves lot of time. You need to send only the copies of the original documents to be translated. Original will be required to legalize your documents since solicitor will need to verify it before authentication.

?    Details of the authorised official translator.
?    Date of translation and original signature of the authorised official translator or translator's representative.
?    The company's accreditation to translate & certify.
?    Written confirmation that it is an accurate translation of the original document.
?    Contact details for our London translations office.
?    All translations are certified and the service charge included within translation fee
?    All translation are charged per document/page up to 250 words
?    Include 10% discount for any translation exceeding 5 pages
?    Authentication is optional and only required if applicant require translated document(s) to be used outside UK or legalised
?    Notarisation is required for some documents to be used in certain countries
?    Processing time is 1 Working Day *(Same Day) 
?    Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Fee £75
?    **Free Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery to UK Post Codes Only!
?    Processing time is 1 Working Day *(Same Day) 
?    Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Fee £75
?    **Free Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery to UK Post Codes Only!
?    Authentication is required for all original & copies of documents requiring Legalisation
?    Notarization is required for some documents to be used in certain countries

So, after reading all the details, you will be highly benefited. Some other embassy or consulate services provided by D&V  are Visa services, UK passport renewal services. Service charge may vary as per embassy/consulate and will depend on the type of document.

Click on TRANSLATION AND LEGALISATION Section and fill the form(s) for instant estimate/quote.