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What do those applying for Saudi Arabia visas need to know?

Unlike so many other countries for which we provide visa services here at Documents and Visas, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia main tourism is for pilgrims. Along with main business line is oil and gas and other business interests.

If you are looking to travel to the country, there are certain things about Saudi Arabia visas – like the business visas, family visit visas, work visit visas, resident visas and employment visas that we can help to secure for you here at Documents and Visas – which you should know.

Make sure you follow the relevant passport requirements 

Prospective visitors from the UK will require a passport, return ticket and visa to be permitted to travel to Saudi Arabia. The passport must be valid for at least six months at the time of the visa application, while entrance will also not be given to passengers who fail to comply with Saudi rules and behaviour.

Pilgrims entering Saudi Arabia are also subject to special regulations, while women and under-aged children are required to be accompanied by a Mohram (close male family member) unless they have prior authorisation.

Applying for the right visa is also crucial

Saudi Arabia visas come in various types, with the applicable processing times and fees dependent on not only the visa types, but also the applicant’s nationality and the number of entries.

The available types of Saudi Arabia visa include the family visa, which is only granted to select groups on a limited basis. Visas are only granted to those with sponsorship in the country, and women entering the Kingdom alone must be met by a sponsor or male relative, in addition to having confirmed accommodation for the duration of their stay.

Business visas, meanwhile, are issued to businessmen, investors, and representatives of UK companies, managers, sales managers, sales representatives, production managers, accountants, consultants, administrative managers and other visitors who expressly intend to visit the Kingdom for business reasons. However, again, a valid sponsor is required, from an acknowledged Saudi Arabia business.

Price should also be carefully considered

Business or commercial visits also require an original covering letter on UK Company headed paper, and must be authenticated by Arab-British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC). The rest of the application documents can then be submitted to the Saudi consulate for further processing. This incurs extra charges that business travellers should make themselves aware of before applying.

Saudi Arabia has changed the requirements completely with regard to visa prices, adding health insurance for all nationalities excluding the US. The country has introduced new visa validity for all nationalities – excluding the US (5 Years Validity intact) – UK Citizens visa validity has being increased up to two years, compared to the maximum of six months that previously applied. Saudi Arabia visa prices are raised based on the following nationalities:

UK, US, Schengen countries (EU), Turkey and other nationalities.

If you would like to discuss in greater detail the various rules and requirements governing Saudi Arabia visas and how you can apply for yours, please contact us here at Documents and Visas today.