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Pay affordable China visa fees in the UK with our help

There are many types of visas that can be applied for by British passport holders interested in spending time in China, as may naturally be applicable to a wide range of situations. Here at Documents and Visas, we can provide a processing service for all manner of visa types, ranging from business and tourist to private, crew and work visas.

What is your reason for visiting China?

Chinese business and tourist visas may seem self-explanatory. Indeed, it is the former type of visa for which you should apply if you intend to visit the country for commercial and trade activities, while the latter visa type serves those who would like to spend sightseeing time in China.

However, there are also China visas available for certain more specialised applications. The private visa, for instance, is issued to those planning to visit their family members who are foreigners working or studying in China, as well as to those with the intention of visiting the country for such other private matters as marriage, divorce, adoption, medical services or simply visiting friends.

The work visa (Z) is another in-demand visa route, issued to those who have obtained employment to work in the country. Dedicated crew visas are also available, not only to foreign crew members utilising such means of international transportation as trains, ships and aircraft, but also to their accompanying family members.

We offer a wide range of well-priced packages

Whatever the type of visa for which you would like to apply as a United Kingdom passport holder, we present you with the opportunity to pay highly reasonable China visa fees in the UK, while benefitting from our swift, informed and highly professional service.

If, for example, you would like to obtain a business visa to China, a multiple-entry visa with a two-year validity will cost you a £151 consulate fee, along with a £60 Documents and Visas charge, allowing for a processing time of four working days. If you would like to reduce that processing time to three working days, the charges on our side will remain the same, but the consulate fee will rise to £178.

The same prices apply across our full range of Chinese visa services from the UK, except that in the case of private, crew and work (Z) visas, the period of validity is three months, rather than two.

We can guide you through the Chinese visa application process

While the process of applying for a Chinese visa from the UK may be broadly similar across these categories, there are naturally differences, such as the need to include a letter of invitation (LOI) if you are applying for a business or crew visa; this must have been issued by a company or organisation in China or, in the case of the crew visa, a foreign transport company.

Applicants who already have a minimum of one Chinese visa in their passport will also be expected to provide a copy of the most recent visa, as well as a copy of a previous multi-entry visa if applicable.

Whatever the application process entails for your own desired Chinese visa, when you wish to pay the most competitive China visa fees in the UK for what is also the most efficient and professional service, there’s no need to consider any alternative partner to Documents and Visas.