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Documents and Visas Ltd not only provides Documents and Visas services but also Passport, Translation, Legalization, Hotels and Flight booking, Meet and greet services.

Documents and Visas Limited is a prominent documents and visas service provider in United Kingdom. A large number of travelers travel for work, business or leisure; our multi prong services that cover a wide spectrum of travel requirements make their travel experience most memorable. We are always with you to help you have a peaceful and comfortable journey across the globe.

Documentation services and Visa services are our priority; apart from these we also provide booking services for hotels and flights. Our services range from 5 star to budget category.

Documents and Visas Limited is a customer centric company. Our aim is customer satisfaction. Rapid, Dependable, Secure and frugal services are the key elements of D&V limited. We strive to provide highest value to our customers, at the same time maintaining the highest standard. Happy customers are the key to the growth of our business.

Company Registration Number : 9754788

Our Services

We provide professional translation services across the globe. Our experts are certified and have very high accuracy.

You name any foreign embassy in London we legalise your documents there.

We are apostilled by the Foreign and Commonwealth (FCO)

We provide expert assistance and support for renewal and updation of UK Passport.

Mission Statement

“Our one and only mission is 100% customer satisfaction which will build an ever lasting relation”


“Provide state of the art Documents and Visas Services across the globe”


“Exponential growth in field of travel by developing strong customer base and intelligent expansion”