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We specialise in the processing of Kazakhstan work visas

Far from merely the world’s largest landlocked country or even the dominant nation of Central Asia from an economic perspective thanks to its oil and gas industry, Kazakhstan is also a country with a richly diverse and fascinating cultural heritage. However, with the country’s tourist sector remaining underdeveloped despite the presence of five World Heritage Sites, it is Kazakhstan work visas that we are particularly frequently called upon to process here at Documents and Visas.

So, what is the most important information that those looking to work in the country need to know?

Do I require a Kazakhstan work visa at all?

While it is true that a UK passport holder – as well as residents of a host of other countries, including Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, the USA and others – can travel to Kazakhstan without a visa, this is subject to their stay lasting for no longer than 30 days. The day of arrival is counted as day one, irrespective of arrival time.

This rule is effective until 31st December 2017, and the only documents that arrivals will need to show to the customs officer is a valid passport and a completed immigration card, with the latter available free of charge at the border.

Naturally, those planning to work in Kazakhstan for longer than this period will need to apply for a dedicated Kazakhstan work visa.

What Kazakhstan work visas are available?

There are various categories of working visa available for Kazakhstan. Foreigners visiting Kazakhstan – including their family members – who intend to work in the country are expected to possess a C3 category visa. Meanwhile, adult foreigners visiting the country with the intention of self-employment in a profession judged to be in demand in the Kazakhstan economy can apply for a C4 visa.

Adults visiting Kazakhstan with the purpose of entrepreneurial activity will need to pursue the C5 category route, and for foreign seasonal workers, the relevant visa type is C6.

We can help you to meet the various requirements for Kazakhstan work visas here at Documents and Visas, including the supporting letter that the UK employer must provide, as well as the Letter of Invitation (LOI) that must be supplied by the company or organisation you are visiting.

With our charges for Kazakhstan work visas for UK passport holders here at Documents and Visas ranging from £70 to £100, in addition to consulate fees ranging from £50 to £250 depending on the visa requested, we provide a highly cost-effective and efficient service, whatever the nature or duration of your work in the country may be.