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5 of the best Cologne art galleries and museums

There is many a great reason to apply for a Schengen visa to Germany, but one of the best is undoubtedly the rich culture offered by one of the country’s largest, but also sometimes overlooked cities - Cologne.

The below five art galleries and museums help to demonstrate that Cologne has something for art and heritage lovers of every taste.

1.Museum Ludwig

This museum of modern art – named after chocolate magnate Peter Ludwig, who contributed 350 modern artworks to its collection – encompasses pop art, abstract and surrealist works from such world-renowned artists as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

The institution also has some 900 works by Pablo Picasso, making its collection of the Spanish great’s creations one of the largest in the world.

2.Romano-Germanic Museum

As the name suggests, this archaeological museum’s focus is on Roman artefacts, including many from the settlement of Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium, on which modern Cologne is built.

The institution is not just an archaeological museum, but also an archaeological site, as it protects the original site of a Roman town villa. A large Dionysus mosaic survives in its original location, along with an associated Roman road.

3.ArtClub Gallery

Galerie ArtClub is a distinctive combination of a gallery, artist’s club, artist’s archive and events room, with the primary objective of boosting the prominence of less well-known artists.

It is a highly flexible institution, with artists being invited to exhibit solely on the standard of their work, meaning that it is not defined by any one artistic niche. For a truly varied snapshot of the current ‘grassroots’ contemporary art scene in the city, it’s therefore difficult to beat the ‘ArtClub’.

4.Cologne Sculpture Park

Opened in 1997, this 25,000 square foot public park – previously a derelict green space in front of Cologne Zoo – lacks a permanent collection of its own, with new exhibits instead being placed in the park every two years.

With the works of such artists as Tony Cragg, Louise Bourgeois and Anish Kapoor having been showcased here down the years, the park provides an unusual experience for art lovers, unlike a traditional museum or gallery.

5.Schnütgen Museum

Admirers of religious art simply have to head to this museum with a collection devoted mainly to Christian medieval art, but with other eras also covered – from antiquity to the modern period.

The institution’s name derives from Catholic priest and theologian Alexander Schnütgen, whose collection was donated to the city in 1906. The museum has continued to expand since, necessitating the opening of a new building in 2010. 

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