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Fast and Reliable

Our services are fast and reliable which will save lot of our client’s time which would have otherwise been required in going through complex process like visa application process.

Cost Effective

We provide you with only the best services and that too at the best price. You don’t need to do the research which we have already done by finding the best ones for you. We conduct checks before lodging your documents & visas to save you time and money.


All our services are secured, be it for business or individuals. All the documents are sent only through reliable and high quality courier or secured post. There is online tracking system to make you 100% assured and tension free.


Our excellent services and customer relationship help us make our clients 100% loyal to us.



Documents and Visas (D&V) are not affiliated with Embassies or Government Departments. You can apply for a visa directly with relevant embassies, please contact the embassy directly if you would prefer to manage your visa application yourself.  Documents and Visas (D&V) is a private limited company, who assists with visa and passport applications on our clients behalf. If you choose to use our services please be advised that, in addition to any embassy or governmental fee, we charge a handling fee for our services. These services includes all to follow from consultation, visa advice, pre-checking of applications before submitting to Embassies, and ensuring both the submission and collection of applications to& from the relevant embassy or government department on our clients behalf as your chosen agent.

Despite the fact that we take every attempt to provide you with precise information, documents and visas requirements are continuously changing consequently, D&V are unable to pledge complete correctness at all times. Processing times and charges given are only for guidance purposes and cannot be definitive. Hence we advise this information be confirmed by the relevant embassy/consulate or governmental department.

Please be advised that Embassies/Consulates charge fees for providing visas although some services may be free.
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