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Applying for Russia visas online is easier with Documents and Visas

Russia has long been a fascinating and enthralling country for those visiting for work or play. It is the largest country in the world by surface area, as well as the ninth most populous, with more than 144 million people calling it home.

Those who wish to stay in Russia for a certain period of time may be interested in learning more about our service here at Documents and Visas that enables them to secure Russia visas online at a competitive rate and with the minimum of fuss.

Make sure you have a visa before travelling

It is necessary to hold a Russian visa before travelling to the country, and it is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure they apply for the correct type and duration of visa, in addition to abiding by the visa’s conditions.

When demand is especially high, you are advised to apply for your visa well in advance. It is also necessary to visit the Russian Visa Centre (VFS) in person to apply for your Russian visa and submit biometric information, although this latter requirement does not apply to individuals under 12 years of age.

There are many different types of Russian visas for which one may apply, ranging from Tourist Visas, Private Visas and Student Visas to Business Visas, Humanitarian Visas and Work Visas. The Tourist Visa, for example, can be valid for up to 30 days and can be issued for single or double entry.

Once you are aware of the visa type for which you wish to apply, you are advised to research all relevant information, including visa fees, service charges, required documents, photo specifications and processing time.

Such information can be found on the websites of the Russian Embassy and VFS Global, which manages Russian visa applications on the Embassy’s behalf.

Why apply for Russia visas online with Documents and Visas?

Using Documents and Visas to make your Russian visa application brings various advantages, including the thorough checking of your application to avoid any refusal or rejection by the Embassy. We check all application documents before submission to ensure that all relevant dates and data match, and can even provide last-minute assistance at the Russian Visa Centre (VFS) if necessary.

We can also save time for you by collecting your passport from the Russian Visa Centre and sending your documents back to you. This excellent, all-encompassing service is also available at the most attractive rate.

For those looking to apply for Russia visas online in an efficient, stress-free and affordable manner, there can be no better company with which to work than Documents and Visas.