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How much can you expect to spend on travel from the UK to Nigeria?

Whatever your reasons for wishing to visit Nigeria from the UK, it is important to recognise that the country’s reputation as an expensive travel destination is not unfounded. We work hard here at Documents and Visas to keep our own Nigeria visa fees for UK travellers as low as possible, but what are some of the other costs that you will need to take into account? 

Flights and accommodation can eat greatly into your budget

The cost of a flight from the UK to Nigeria will inevitably make up a large proportion of your spending.

Taking a cursory look at the FareCompare site, for instance, we noticed that the lowest then-advertised price for a flight to the capital city, Abuja, in early 2018 was £314 with Air France, assuming a departure date of 28th February and a return date of 20th March. This rose to £348 for a flight to the same destination with Turkish Airlines, departing on 14th February and returning on 24th February.

Meanwhile, a hotel room at the most affordable range is typically priced between about £25 and £37 a night, increasing to between £75 and £112 a night for a midrange room. However, at the most luxurious end, you could also conceivably find yourself paying as much as £300 a night for a room.

What about other ongoing costs?

While travel is affordable enough – a local bus ride, for example, should only set you back between £1 and £3 – the food and drink costs can rapidly add up. You can expect to be charged approximately £3 to £4 for a beer in a bar, for example, and although a two-course meal can be had for as little as £3, this can rise to as high as £75.

As elsewhere, it pays to be resourceful when visiting Nigeria. Street meals and fast food represent good value for what you receive, and you may be greatly dependent on them when travelling on a budget, given how the costs of transport and even Internet access can accumulate.

£55 daily costs are reasonable to prepare for when you are staying in Nigeria on a tight budget, although top-end daily living expenditure can easily exceed £190.

Take advantage of our good-value Nigeria visa fees for UK travellers

Bear in mind that here at Documents and Visas, we enable you to obtain a Nigerian visa more quickly and easily than might have been the case if you were dealing directly with the country’s visa application process.

However, we also take great pride in the affordability of our Nigeria visa fees for UK passport holders. Those seeking to apply for a three-month single-entry business, tourist or private visa with a processing time of six working days, for example, can expect to pay fees of just £90 for Documents and Visas to handle their application. This is in addition to the £72 consulate fee.

Full pricing information can be found on the Documents and Visas website, showing that whether you are visiting Nigeria as a tourist, businessperson or for any other reason, you can obtain access to this fascinating and varied country for less than you may think.